Abstract Art - It Doesn't Matter

Amal Hassani abstract expressionism painting

Abstract art - it just doesn't matter. It is not about matter.

Matter is the understanding of what is. Matter is what we perceive as being something for our eyes to see or for our hands to feel; objective, physical. In prehistoric times, man began to change his perception of physical matter, by reshaping it in an emotional cry for understanding. Instead of seeing the world only as a source for food and survival, we chose to furnish it with meaning. We drew and smeared our own history, emotions, beliefs and perceptions upon the cave walls we once called home.  Over time, we continued this process on the white canvasses we see at local museums. We developed the ability to describe subjective matter in a non-objective way through abstract art.

Abstract art is a way to preserve a feeling, thought or an emotion by painting it onto a white canvas. Building an abstract art sculpture or turning some form into a way of thinking we can preserve and share an idea or feeling for the whole world to see. Since the 1920’s we complicated the idea of what art is and what it isn’t - so much so that it has became hard to distinguish between art and non-art. But this brought a new understanding of what abstract art is to the world. It is commonly known as non-objective art - giving feelings, ideas and thoughts shape and form – by reshaping matter.

With abstract art there is no longer a need for following old rules of how we should paint or sculpt. There is no longer a border between what we think of as being art and what we don’t. The most important effect abstract art has on us is that we are all affected differently. When we are met with this often strangely constructed art form, the feeling, thought or idea that was once preserved by the artist, doesn’t have to be perceived the same way by another person or the viewing public.

The beauty of abstract art lies within the fact that no-matter is being preserved by the artist. Everyone who sees it perceives it differently and independently. This way, the viewer can retain their own understanding of the artwork, instead of the artist putting it into the art to begin with.

It’s all subjective. It’s the art form that has evolved by rethinking, reshaping and broadening our understanding of what matter can be. By reshaping it, giving it an identity and letting the meaning be perceived individually, we give this illusory matter the time and space to become anything we want it to be – But what is abstract art really? It doesn’t matter.

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