How to Start an Art Collection

Abstract and expressionism art collection

There are many finishing touches you can add to a home, but nothing brings unique flair quite like a piece of art. The beauty of art collecting isn't something new, but it has an exclusive reputation. Whether you've just landed your first property, or have decided to get involved in a new hobby of collecting, it's easier now more than ever to gather amazing pieces for your house online. So, how to you start an art collection?

Art collecting is not just for something pretty to put on your walls, though. It's a worthwhile project that can expand your cultural knowledge while nourishing your creative side.

It's not always easy to get into art collecting. It can be tough to know where to even start on your new adventure.

Let us guide you through starting your very own art collection. We will help you know that you're looking in the right places, and spending your money wisely.

Know Where to Look

One of the biggest hurdles, arguably, is actually knowing where to look once you've decided you want to start buying some art.

It's good to do your research, and utilize the internet. It is also worthy to generally keep an eye open wherever you go. You may pass an art shop, or see an amazing painting hanging in a cafe. Also, some cafes, libraries, restaurants, galleries, and other 'cultural' hubs may have leaflet tables for artists to advertise their work. Keep your eye out for contact information so you can form a relationship with a local artist.

Art fairs and auctions are also excellent ways to get knowledgable about the art on the market.

Never underestimate online buying opportunities. Art dealers know that the internet is one of the best ways to get exposure for painters, sculptors, etc. Saatchi Art, Etsy, Anthropologie, Auc Art and JoyBird are just a handful of places you can view and purchase incredible art and prints online.

Most websites will be able to let you look at the art thoroughly and closely. You'll get several angle views in detailed images and videos with high resolution.

Get an Idea of the Art You Want to Collect

Start thinking about what kind of art it is that interests you. What would you feel joyed to see on your walls every day? One of the incredible things about owning art is that it can make you fall in love with a piece time and time again. As years go on, your relationship with the artwork will only grow stronger.

You might not even know the kind of stuff you want until you see it, or even until you start collecting. Yet, there might be a theme you want to display. Maybe you like focusing on the story behind the art, or specific styles such as surrealism or renaissance. Perhaps the content of the art – humans, flowers, abstract – is what intrigues you.

You may even want an art collection that looks aesthetically pleasing together. A collection of items that make a complementing combination with the style of your home.


There really is such a broad choice out there, and there's no need to limit yourself on what kind of art you want. After all, if it makes you feel something, that alone is a good enough reason to pop it in the collection.

You Don't Have to be Pretentious

There is an undeniable, yet at times marvelous, pretentiousness in the art world. How many times have you been to a gallery or exhibition and know you were meant to feel something but you just “don't get it”? You're surrounded by people who are in awe of the work they see (although you can't help but feel like they might be putting it on, too).

The point is, you don't have to start a collection based on art that doesn't really speak to you. This is true even if you feel like it looks like something an advanced art collector might appreciate. Everyone has a different experience when it comes to art, which you are fully entitled to.

Just make sure you're buying for the right reasons. It doesn't have to be super expensive, and confusing, for you to believe it counts for your collection. You just have to love it.

However, if you do love pretentious, whatever that really means, then go for it! Just don't feel confined or pressured by any preconceptions of what you think a proper art collection should look like, or cost.

Immerse Yourself in the Art World

If you're wanting to start art collecting then you may already be well and truly immersed in this sphere. If this is the case, then there are always ways to delve deeper. You could try going to exhibitions or galleries that wouldn't usually interest you.

If you're not so much involved in the art world, then why not get started? Getting out to local galleries can be wholesome and educational, regardless of what kind of artwork it is that draws you in.

This doesn't just involve galleries either. Go to exhibitions big or small, get involved in online forums that help expose and promote new and up-and-coming artists. Join groups that share a mutual love for art as well as letting you know where the next auctions are, or best places to buy online.

Start a Savings Pot

Yes, the true and crippling reality is that an art collection does actually cost money. As mentioned, you don't have to fork out a lot for good art and wall prints. However, a collection won't be cheap. It takes time to build, like any other collection.

A painting, print or portrait can be present in your home for life! So, you want to make sure you're not just buying any work, but investing in an artist that you admire. There's no rush when it comes to creating a collection. You could benefit from putting a little bit of your paycheck aside each month, or year, dedicated to art.


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