Expressionism Canvas Titled Heaven and Earth

Amal Hassani’s “Heaven and Earth” is an abstract expressionism oil and acrylic painting on canvas. In it, the artist shows how elements of design can be blended to achieve balance and meaning. This painting is a venue for the expressions of emotion for the artist and the audience. Focused attention on the work reveals an expert use of various visual elements and design principles.


First, there are different saturations of blue-green, employed to create varying depths and space.

The blue-green color is more saturated at the top and less so towards the bottom. Cooler colors are applied at the bottom and around the middle, while warmer colors are dominant towards the bottom-left. Accents of brown are employed around the center right, and white is used to emphasize objects in the foreground.


Next, the painting presents us with a variety of squares and rectangles, emphasizing space and depth and perhaps things earthbound. Some are submerged in a deep blue-green, some are floating heavenward. Four circles sloping towards the center likely indicate an eternal wholeness. Their movement towards the center suggests power and energy of the “whole”. Rhythm is sufficiently presented in the artwork through repetition of various lines and shapes.


Because of its subjectivity, the painting uplifts the soul as one engages the mind in creating the meaning intended by the artist. The use of varying hues of color increases its beauty and brings peace to the viewer. By looking at the artwork, one is drawn out of the busy mind, removing us for a moment from reality. The resulting feeling is the artist’s intent. For these reasons, the painting can be regarded as a gift by Hassani to the modern world.

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