Exploring the Work "Memories"

Painting called Memories by Amal Hassani

Memories” is one of many exquisite abstract expressionism paintings created by Amal Hassani using the oil and acrylic paint on canvas. Through this artwork, he intended to depict calmness and appease viewers through the contemplation of past events. Hassani uses several elements and design principles to arouse meaning in his viewers’ minds. The primary features considered by the artist include color, shape, form, space, line, and depth, which are gracefully combined to connect with someone’s mind at a more intimate level.

The visual characteristics that stand out after contemplating the content of the artwork carefully include framed pictures of varying sizes, which are kept in a small room that looks like a store with a window near the top. Besides the outlined figures, there is an old box, in the form of television, placed on top of a picture in the middle. Similarly, there is a written note pad that appears at the bottom left below the pictures. The artist succeeds in presenting the meanings through different elements. See the painting close up here.

First, he uses the aspect of space, whereby negative and positive space is demonstrated. The former is represented by the green color running to the back of the painting between the slanting objects and the vertical work on the bottom right. On the other hand, the latter is revealed by space occupied by the pictures. Likewise, the green color on the top-right, top-left, and around the window section illustrates depth. Vertical lines that run from the bottom to top of the painting behind the pictures also demonstrate the depth. Organic lines are also employed to depict forms used in the images.

Regarding the use of color as an artistic tool, the top section is presented using a light blue color, which contrasts with the color used on the lower pictures to give the audience a clear view. A similar case is observed on the deep blue color used on the floor against the white lower part of the painting to emphasize the raised structure. Squares and rectangular shapes are also used to outline the picture objects. Overall, the artist’s use of abstract objects and different shades of the blue color helps promote peace while the yellow color used to indicate objects in the pictures is used to show imagination and joy, which is the artist’s most profound intention. The desire for audience’s emotional uplifting is seen in various works from the artists, and “Memories” excellently promotes this purpose.

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