10 Reasons Why Abstract Art Makes the Perfect Gift

Blue abstract art titled Detached

The amount of time we spend thinking about the perfect gift for someone who has unconventional tastes often makes gift-buying an unpleasant chore.
Many of our friends are people who don't appreciate typical gifts like digital devices or vouchers. We also want to acknowledge their appreciation for the finer things in life, making many of the obvious gift choices irrelevant.

That's why art, and especially abstract expressionism, is an under-appreciated type of gift.

[“Definition of abstract expressionism: technique comprising diverse styles and techniques emphasizing especially an artist's liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through nontraditional and usually nonrepresentational means”] where the viewer, not the artist, interprets the meaning of the artwork, making it a perfect gift.

In this post we offer 10 reasons why abstract art makes the perfect gift and why you should look to paintings whenever you want to show someone that you genuinely care about them.

In this post we offer 10 reasons why you should look to paintings whenever you want to show someone that you genuinely care about them.

1) It Lasts Forever

Good abstract art doesn't have a shelf-life. It doesn't expire and the owner doesn't get tired of it. When you give a thoughtful gift, you want it to endure, just like your relationship with the person you're buying it for.

Few things say that you care more than a timeless gift. Imagine the joy your loved one will feel every time they see their beloved painting, knowing that you're the person who gave it to them.

2) It Makes a Person Feel!

So many "default gifts" are designed to make a person do something. We're a culture that's obsessed with productivity and accomplishment. Have you listened to this album? Have you read that book? Did you see this movie?

When last did you give or receive a gift that exists purely to be appreciated, not interacted with or consumed? A great piece of abstract expressionism doesn't demand anything from you. Instead, it elicits emotion.

It is the gift of "feeling".


3) It Won't End Up in a Trash

For those of us who are growing tired of clutter, a painting is the ideal way to show we care. Not only is it a possession that won't get lumped together with everything else that gathers dust, but it also won't contribute to the trash that's damaging the environment.

So many of the typical gifts are constructed of materials that don't biodegrade. They are made to be replaced but end up in landfills.

A work of abstract expressionism is designed to be loved and appreciated forever. It's the perfect gift for a person that values culture and cares about the earth.


4) It's Rare

How better to show your affection for someone than giving them something completely unique? This quality makes art an extremely thoughtful gift for someone with exclusive tastes.

If you have a loved one that values authenticity and uniqueness, they are going to love a painting that they know belongs to only a handful of people. Or even better, one that no one else will ever own.

Art is truly the gift of originality.


5) It's an Investment

Great art ages well. This is not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from an economic one. The recipient won't necessarily want to cash in on your gift, but they might enjoy that their work of art may increase in value over time.


6) It's Not Always Expensive

Buying paintings may seem like the domain of investors and collectors, but few people realize how affordable good abstract art can be.

Many aspects influence the price of a painting. If you're on a budget, consider opting for a fine art print over an original. The size of the piece is also often a significant factor in price. Fine art reproductions made by a gyclee high-quality printer can even appear as expensive as an original, regardless of size or price.

Furthermore, you can also choose to buy an unframed print or opt for a cheaper medium, like textured watercolor paper instead of canvas. The watercolor gives even more texture to the print.


7) It's Open to Interpretation

People love stories and abstract art is a great topic of conversation. It's an object that will not just thrill and decorate, but your friends will notice it.

Paintings that depict a very specific scene can sometimes offer a narrow interpretation. Abstract expressionism is a form that leaves much of the interpretation to the viewer. This makes it easier for the recipient to interpret your gift as they please.


8) It Shows You Really Care

If the recipient is someone very special to you, few gifts are going to show this better than a unique, beautiful painting.

Showing that a significant amount of that thought and effort has gone into selecting a gift for a special occasion illustrates how much you value your relationship with them.

There's so much depth and originality to buying a work of abstract expressionism. Plus there's also quite a lot to appreciate and admire about the piece itself. Your feelings of love and appreciation will be obvious to the recipient.

Isn't that what all gifts should convey?


9) It Supports Artists

It's one thing to show support for the arts by going to exhibitions and posting about artwork on Instagram. It's something else entirely to actually put money into the pocket of professional artists.

Being a patron of the arts is a very rewarding feeling. Buying a painting shows the artist that their work is appreciated and it validates their decision to commit their life to a very demanding profession.

If you, or the recipient of the gift, are passionate about supporting artists, buying a painting is really the ideal way to show it.


10) It's Something They Might Never Buy Themselves

People tend to buy themselves stuff they need rather than luxury items they crave. Even those with a passion for the finer things in life are more likely to buy themselves clothes or furniture over something like art. This is where we, as their friends and family, come in.

Birthdays, seasonal holidays, anniversaries, and weddings are all excellent opportunities to spoil them with something that contributes to their human experience.

Art may not seem like a necessity, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we don't just earn money to survive. Cultural fulfillment is something that money can buy.

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